Well Engineering Activities

Well construction design

We can design to suit your conditions and your preferences.  Simple and inexpensive, or complex and capable, we use the latest software to design, procure, quality control, install, and monitor the completions. Our excellent service company interfaces ensure we are up-to-date with the state of the industry.

Well completion design

Summit provides you with the best means to ensure your pathway to the reservoir remains in trouble-free service. Our excellent connections to completion product & service providers ensure we will be providing you the most fit-for-purpose designs … as low risk as possible to install and maintain.  We look to maximise client Net Present Value.

Well Test Design

Summit starts at the right place – the reservoir. What type of reservoir is it and what information is needed from it? We recommend the right completion techniques and test equipment to get the right information, information that focuses on the life or the reservoir.  We make sure the information gathered is sound and interpretations are valid. We will make sure obtain the flow information and samples you need to fully characterize the reservoir fluids.

Remedial Well Operations Design/Programme

Summit approaches remedial operations from a multi-faceted approach. Good engineering forensics are needed to determine what caused the loss of well function. A good programme must be put into place to correct the deficiencies, along with a risk-based examination of the possible.