Well construction supervision

Head office supervision

Head office is the link to management. Summit Principles have experiences and planning tools to convey information from downhole to the board room, when the occasion demands.

Head office management serves as a balance and an integrating element between field office and rig information management and decision-making. The best decisions come about when a balance is achieved between these three locations.

Field office supervision

Field office operatives are tasked with interfacing with the in-country service companies and their personnel and in support of the rig site personnel. They must be good communicators, passing information to the Client head office and the rig as well as to the local service company personnel.  The morning meeting and follow up are very important and should be conducted transparently in an atmosphere of clear direction concurrent with cooperation in obtaining the objective of a cost effective and trouble free well.

Rig site supervision

Summit look for rig site experienced personnel to supervise offshore operation. Where conditions allow, we provide a full contingent of Senior Drilling Supervisor (Day Man), Drilling Supervisor (Night Man), Drilling Engineer, and Materials Man/Expeditor. We find this arrangement lets the operational personnel focus on downhole matters as opposed to when the helicopters and/or boats come and go.