Well construction related activities

Well construction bid solicitation & evaluation

It is important to have a good bid solicitation or bid tender exercise.  Summit has a robust process for soliciting bid tenders that contain meaningful information from which good decisions can be made. Rig Evaluation Case Study Summit Upstream Ltd

Rig and bid evaluation

Rig evaluation

Rig evaluation, both before and after contract assignment, is key to obtaining the best rig for the job and in getting the best performance from a rig.  We have extensive experience in evaluating rigs and can deliver top quality documentation on all rig characteristics and equipment.

Bid evaluation

Summit has sound methods for tendering and for evaluating bids Rig Evaluation Case Study Summit Upstream Ltd Summit’s holistic processes will ensure you obtain the best rig and that the rig chosen will continue to perform as expected.

Contract evaluation & negotiation

Summit Principals participated in assembling standard contracts in Europe and from the International Association of Drilling Contractors.  A standard contract is easier to negotiate and administer, leaving more time to knit together strong and cooperative business relations.