Other support activities

Expert witness services

If you need to prepare for arbitration, we can help by assessing, preparing, and presenting your side of the story.  Our documentation and document handling is robust.  We will leave no holes for the opposition to exploit.

Projects “gone wrong”

We can investigate what went wrong and the reasons behind it. We are familiar with many types of analyses and with other experts who can build up a picture that can help explain what went wrong and how to prevent it next time.

Liaison for turnkey projects

Some Clients prefer the certainty associated with turnkey projects. However, Clients will always reserve the right to take project control and revert to a day rate operation if circumstances so dictate. Summit can provide personnel to act as Client liaison agents so a second opinion is always available and any changes in project control will be seamless.

Well cost examination (pre/post well construction)

Well costs can escalate for a variety of reasons. Materials and personnel tend to cost more in busy times than in slack times. Rig rates can change by a multiple of up to 10 between busy times and slack times.  Some projects drift into overspend because of unclear criteria for determining when operations should be stopped, while some were just plainly too optimistic  on a combination of aspects. Some projects are over optimistic on performance.  Whatever the cause of the overspend, Summit will root it out and find objective explanations that will serve as a guide for future behaviour.

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