News Flash


On 18 September 2009, VP Power, a new Irish energy company signed a contract to drill three wells in Dublin Bay, Ireland, commencing in Q4 2009.

The drill rig is the Fugro Synergy, a new-build dynamically positioned drilling vessel “light”.  Light refers to its smaller size and associated lower cost to perform well construction operations in the “middle to low range” of Operator requirements for well construction and remedial functions.

The ship was built in Poland and is being outfitted near Bergen.  The vessel will perform some test drillings in UK North Sea Block 9 before mobilising to Ireland.

Summit Upstream have placed Dennis R. Krahn as Drilling Manager on the project.  His experience at bringing rigs out of shipyard or out of stack will be valuable to the project.

The first of the three wells is scheduled to start in late October, depending on when the shipyard finishes outfitting the rig.

This rig has been conceptualised under the auspices of the Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF) as a lower cost alternative to the present fleet of North Sea Mobile Offshore Drilling Units.