Joint venture activities

Solutions to problems of low/insufficient resources

Joint Venture Partner support can be an important part of a good project. The Joint Venture Operator often operates a lean organisation where resources are tight.  Peaks and troughs of activity and personnel movements often mean some operations can be starved of proper attention.  Joint Venture Partners can often spot these weaknesses before the JV Operator becomes aware of them. Moreover, secondments from JV Partners can be a important, ready source of resources for the JV Operator.

Peer review process

A JV Partner can perform a valuable role in looking at the JV Operator’s work within the role of a peer; that is to say, being constructively critical.  By constructively critical, it is meant that the JV Partner strives to make the outputs of the JV Operator sharper and more purposeful.

Due diligence/Technical audit

From time to time costs and methods will differ between JV Operator and JV Partner.  If JV Partner wishes to exercise its right to audit or perform a Due Diligence examination, Summit can perform this work in an analytical and constructive way, taking into account the interests of both parties.