Information management

Modern well management generates a massive amount of data.  Summit has the tools and techniques to manage this data. We utilise the latest software and if the latest software is not satisfactory, we write or commission our own to get the job done.

Authoring of technical and procedural guidance

Summit personnel have experience of writing guidance that has had to withstand international and national scrutiny by regulators and practitioners.  Guidance documents we author for you will be well referenced and written in a non-prescriptive manner.  Refer to the Technical Section of this website for more information on the guidance Summit personnel have authored, participated in, have used, or are familiar with.

Recruiting, forging & mentoring a team of well engineering/operations personnel

One of our Principals was on the Board of Directors of a Well Construction Personnel Agency (Prodrill) and has contact with and has worked through many others.  We use our contacts and experience to find the people to work together to competently perform well construction tasks.

Procurement for well construction projects

It is important to get a good well and completion design firmed up as soon as possible. That allows time to specify and order well construction materials.  Good specification and quality control are the best insurance against incompatibilities and mismatches.  Summit personnel and their service company partners will assemble a competent plan and follow procurement with a professional and capable demeanour.