Drilling optimisation activities

Peer reviews

The peer review process is derived in the science community to help ensure journals screen and publish the highest quality papers. We follow the same process to ensure the highest quality documentation is available for the operation foreseen.  We review the documentation in house, then in open forum.  We supply all support and back-up comments to allow the Client to improve his documentation and his well delivery process.

Drill/complete the well on paper (DWOP/CWOP)

A good DWOP/CWOP is like a good dish. Good ingredients and good preparation lead to a superior result. 


The venue is important; it has to be comfortable and fit-for-purpose.


Knowing the material to be covered and having supporting presentations and hard-copy documentation leaves less to chance and keeps a tight focus.


The atmosphere has to be conducive to a thoughtful consideration of the documentation and good inter-personal interactions.  A loosening up period or exercise is relaxation period is valuable to achieve a good frame of mind.


A good agenda, clearly communicated and adhered to keeps everyone’s attention and conveys a mood of professionalism.


Good facilitation makes for a good flow. It encourages people to participate. A good facilitator will bring out points in a problem-solving manner.


It is important to know how the participants valued the workshop. On an issue-by-issue basis, it is important to know where more work or attention is needed.


Well written post-event documentation will remind the Client what issues need attention and will help him to be organised to provide that attention.

Rig site optimisation

Summit’s idea of optimisation is to take the involve the service contractors as companies and their employees as individuals involved in seeking superior outcomes.  This starts at the DWOP and includes an ongoing risk assessment.  The objective is to avoid bad outcomes while embracing efficiency.  We avoid “hurrying up to catch up” for this invites incidents.