Plenary Session at Offshore Europe

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Energy at a Crossroads

Moderator: Malcolm Webb, OGUK (change to programme)
Connie Hedegaard, Danish Minister of Climate and Energy
Andrew Gould, Chairman/CEO, Schlumberger
John Manzoni, President/CEO, Talisman
Thomas Thune Andersen, CEO, Maersk Oil
Lord Hunt of Kings Heath, Minister, Department for Energy and Climate Change

The Companies (smaller ones) who will take the North Sea forward

John Manzoni, “Smaller operators will take over from Talisman just as Talisman took over from Shell.”

Supported by ...Andrew Gould,   “I’m always amazed across the whole world at the regeneration that happens when new companies come in to take over from companies whose ideas have gone stale."

This was echoed by the UK Energy Minister, Lord Hunt of Kings Heath.

Climate change

Connie Hedegaard, is hosting the Copenhagen meeting of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. She gave a good account of the preparations and was optimistic ... as she has to be.  Other panel members ... after she left to catch her plane home ... were not so sure. 

“The meeting will be a compromise of all the parties there.” 

“The emerging economies don’t want to have to endure restrictions that were not there for the developed economies.”

“It is not certain that all countries will strictly enforce the agreements they sign up to.”

Carbon Capture and Storage

The US will depend a lot on coal in the medium term and the capture problem with coal is bigger. 

It’s hard to know if the processes for capturing carbon can scale up to the needed size to handle e.g. a major coal fired power plant.